Stiletto Fire

This event is on September 7, 2014 4:45 pm

Hot shoes… is that what you were thinking when you read the name Stiletto Fire?  Well if you were, you are right on track.  On stage they are on fire, and the female vocalist is always rocking out a chic pair of stiletto heels!

Stiletto Fire is composed of Windsor/Essex County’s first call studio and professional live musicians, fronted by lead guitarist/male vocalist, Jeff Fab and lead female vocalist & Amherstburg’s own, Kerri Brown.  Their passion and mission on and off stage, is to bring life to your ears, movement to your feet, warmth to your heart, and to inspire your soul.  The music is bold, charismatic, and unlike most modern bands these days.  The content of music ranges from every genre – a mix of Pop, Rock, R&B, County, Dance, Jazz and Adult Contemporary.  You’ll hear the classics all the way to the latest hits on the radio today.  We take you on a musical journey through time, and pull on your heart strings with each melody!

Stiletto Fire is a versatile professional group that can work as a duo, trio, 5pc band or even an 8pc band including a horn section.  They regularly play at Caesar’s Windsor, Seneca Casino in New York State, weddings and events all around the area.

Check out their Facebook page for more about Stiletto Fire!