The Walkervilles

This event is on September 5, 2014 7:00 pm

If love were a band, it would be The Walkervilles.

 The Walkervilles have figured out the recipe, you see.  The recipe for making music that touches your soul, slaps it around a bit, caresses it, and leaves it wanting more in the best way.  It’s no wonder that they are influenced by the genre of music that is aptly named the same: soul.  Throw in heavy influences of Motown and Rock and what you’ve got is the unique ability to make a lover out of a fan.  Made of three musicians from Windsor, Ontario, Canada – Pat Robitaille, Mike Hargreaves and Stefan Cvetkovic seamlessly fit together like a sexy bowtie and a perfect-fitting suit.

Listening to The Walkervilles affects you in all the best ways. You’ll want to put songs on repeat.You’ll want to get up and let the beat swing your hips. You’ll get riled up. Heated and maybe even turned on. Sounds a lot like something we all strive to have in our lives – that feeling of pure joy and desire. That feeling is love.

Over and over. That’s how much you’ll listen to The Walkervilles.  You’re listening right now, aren’t you? Good. In the sweet heaven height of these songs, you’ll close your eyes and pretend Robitaille’s singing to you, that Hargreaves’ wants you home with him while he writes you a love song, and that Cvetkovic’s drumming his fingertips on your lower back, baby. They’ll push away everything for you. Enjoy the fall.