Shores of Erie Poster 2014

The Shores of Erie International Wine Festival is proud to share the celebration of our 10th anniversary with all of our supporters! There’s so much that goes into throwing this wonderful festival, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our amazing volunteers! See more information on our volunteers by clicking here.

Our Origin Story

A small group of citizens were determined to uncover what they felt was the best kept secret of this region. So the idea of a wine festival in Amherstburg was born! A local farmer donated land and sunflower seeds, and the first fundraiser, supported by many local businesses and citizens, successfully raised $2,500.

Three wineries (Erie Shore, Colio & Pelee Island Winery) along with 7 restaurants believed in the idea enough to participate. The committee, who hoped for 1,000 patrons, were astonished to welcome 7,000 patrons. Wineries ran out of wine and restaurants ran out of food!

What started as a simple vision has grown into one of the most successful festivals in Ontario.

The sunflowers helped make our vision a reality and remain a symbol of The Shores of Erie International Wine Festival’s continuing success.

Come celebrate our special 10th anniversary!

Take a look back at 10 years of the Shores of Erie Wine Festival!

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